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Welcome to CE Interim, your premier partner for navigating the intricate landscape of cross-cultural interim missions. At CE Interim, we understand that in today's globalized world, success hinges not only on technical expertise but also on a profound appreciation for cultural diversity and nuance. Unlike our competitors, who may rely solely on local talent or operate as part of larger networks, CE Interim stands out as a global company with a singular focus on delivering exceptional results through our international executive interim managers.

The partnership structure of CE Interim ensures that the company's shares are held solely by the active partners, promoting independence from third-party interests and fostering a commitment to sustainable growth. This partnership model underscores the company's values of fairness, transparency, and a focus on cultivating long-term relationships.

What sets CE Interim apart is our unwavering commitment to assembling a team of executive interim managers who embody the essence of global citizenship. Our managers are pan-European or world citizens, fluent in multiple languages, and possess a deep-seated understanding and respect for cultural differences. This unique blend of expertise enables us to seamlessly navigate cross-cultural challenges, fostering effective communication, collaboration, and synergy across borders and continents. Our roots in the complex region of Central and Eastern Europe provide us with a distinct advantage in understanding and navigating diverse cultural and historical backgrounds.

Supported by an independent advisory board comprising seasoned executives responsible for key regions worldwide, including Central and Eastern Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada, and the Middle East, CE Interim offers unparalleled strategic guidance and insights.


Whether you're seeking to expand into new markets, manage organizational change, or drive innovation, partnering with CE Interim ensures that you'll receive tailored solutions grounded in cultural competence, strategic foresight, and a commitment to excellence. Experience the CE Interim difference and unlock the full potential of your cross-cultural interim missions today.

Our Commitment

We design and implement individual project-based business solutions and together with our industry experts lead companies through transformations to unlock their full potential.

Our Managing Partners stand personally by your side in each country from the project definition, and evaluation of the interim manager, through the whole project, until completion, and hand-over, to ensure the agreed objectives are achieved and stay within your organization.

Our Executive Interim Managers have local or international backgrounds, they have studied, lived, and worked in various countries and go through rigorous evaluation processes following a methodology specifically designed for demanding cross-cultural interim missions.

Over the recent decade, we have performed hundreds of successful missions predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.



managers in our
Global Talent Pool

> 1,500

world citizens with cross-cultural track record

> 70%

of our assignments are

< 72 hours

from project definition to assignment start

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Bohuslav Lipovsky

Managing Partner Global Operations

Our Methodical Approach



One of our partners pays attention to you, listens to your assessment of the current business situation, your company culture, and gains an understanding of your business environment.



We conduct market analysis and evaluate the opportunities to capture. Together with you, we align on the targets to be met, the respective timeline, and milestones.



We identify suitable managers from within our Global Talent Pool and perform an individual structured assessment of each manager in line with your specific demands.



The interim manager together with you and one of our partners fine-tune the project plan, priorities, milestones, and areas of improvement.



The interim manager, or a complete team rolls up their sleeves and implements the agreed plan. Our partner stands personally by your side during regular steering meetings.



We finalize the transformation, secure the new methods of working, systems, and processes in the organization, and transfer the skills to your existing teams. Our Interim Managers always leave a legacy, and leave.



During a closing meeting, we discuss the lessons learned, the hurdles we have been able to overcome, the ROIM - Return on Interim Manager we achieved, and of course agree on regular follow-up checks in future to keep the result of our interim manager permanent.

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