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Doing business in Austria offers a myriad of advantages, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and companies alike. The country boasts a stable and well-developed economy, providing a secure environment for investment and growth. Austria's strategic location in the heart of Europe facilitates easy access to major markets, fostering international trade opportunities.

With a highly skilled and educated workforce, businesses benefit from a productive and innovative labor pool. Additionally, Austria's commitment to research and development, coupled with a strong infrastructure, enhances the overall business landscape. The country's favorable legal and regulatory framework, along with a high quality of life, further contribute to its appeal for those seeking a conducive environment for long-term business success.

Human Resources

Austria's skilled workforce stands as a cornerstone for the country's business appeal. Renowned for its high level of education and technical expertise, the Austrian workforce brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the business landscape.

The emphasis on education, including a strong vocational training system, ensures that employees possess the necessary skills to meet the demands of diverse industries. This skilled workforce not only enhances the efficiency and productivity of businesses but also fosters a culture of continuous innovation. Companies operating in Austria can tap into this pool of talent, leveraging the expertise of a workforce that is well-equipped to navigate and contribute to the complexities of modern industries.

The combination of education, skills, and a strong work ethic positions Austria as an ideal destination for businesses seeking a competitive edge in the global market.

Quality of Life

Austria's exceptional quality of life plays a pivotal role in its attractiveness for businesses. The country consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices, offering a harmonious blend of economic prosperity and social well-being.

This favorable environment contributes significantly to employee satisfaction and retention. The emphasis on work-life balance, coupled with access to excellent healthcare, education, and cultural amenities, ensures that employees can thrive both personally and professionally. Businesses benefit from a motivated and content workforce, leading to increased productivity and creativity.

Moreover, the high quality of life in Austria acts as a magnet for international talent, making it easier for companies to attract skilled professionals from around the world. In essence, the commitment to quality of life in Austria translates into a positive and conducive atmosphere for businesses aiming to create a sustainable and thriving workplace.


Strong Economy

Austria's robust and stable economy stands as a key pillar in fostering a favorable business environment. With a strong emphasis on diversification and innovation, the Austrian economy has weathered global economic challenges effectively. This stability provides a secure foundation for businesses, instilling confidence among investors and entrepreneurs alike. The country's economic strength translates into reliable market conditions, reducing uncertainties for businesses operating within its borders.

Additionally, a flourishing economy contributes to higher consumer purchasing power, creating a receptive market for products and services. Businesses in Austria can tap into a resilient economic landscape that not only withstands external pressures but also offers opportunities for growth and expansion. The country's economic prowess positions it as an attractive destination for both domestic and international businesses seeking a solid foundation for long-term success.



Austria's unwavering commitment to political and social stability serves as a cornerstone for businesses seeking a secure and predictable operating environment. The country has long been recognized for its political stability, marked by a robust democratic system and a commitment to the rule of law. This stability extends to social and cultural spheres, fostering a harmonious atmosphere that is conducive to business operations. The low levels of corruption and a transparent regulatory framework further contribute to an environment where businesses can operate with confidence.

The overall stability in Austria minimizes risks associated with sudden disruptions, enabling businesses to plan for the long term and make strategic investments. This reliability not only instills trust among investors but also creates a conducive atmosphere for fostering growth, attracting both domestic and international enterprises looking for a stable foundation to build upon.

Strategic Location and Logistics

Austria's strategic location at the crossroads of Europe underscores its significance as a logistical hub, offering businesses a gateway to diverse markets.

Situated in the heart of the continent, Austria provides easy access to both Western and Eastern European countries, making it an ideal focal point for international trade. The country's well-developed transportation infrastructure, including a network of highways and efficient rail systems, facilitates the smooth movement of goods within Europe.

Additionally, Austria's proximity to major ports and its connectivity to key air transport routes further enhance its logistical appeal. Businesses operating in Austria benefit from streamlined logistics, reducing transportation costs and transit times. This strategic advantage not only positions Austria as a logistical linchpin but also amplifies its appeal as a central hub for businesses looking to optimize supply chains and expand their reach across the European market.

Austria has access to:

  • Airports in Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck,...

  • Riverports in Vienna, Linz, Enns,...

  • Multiple highways (A1,A2,A3,...)

  • A well-developed and efficient railway network, renowned for its reliability and connectivity.

Top Companies in Austria

  • Verbund AG

  • Erste Group Bank

  • OMV

  • Raiffeisen Bank International

  • Andritz

  • A1 Telekom Austria

  • EVN Group

  • Voestalpine

  • Oberbank

  • Flughafen Wien

  • Strabag

  • BAWAG Group

  • Vienna Insurance Group

  • Wienerberger

  • CA Immo

  • Immofinanz

  • MM Group

  • Uniqua Insurance Group

  • ams AG

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