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Our expansion to
UAE and Saudi Arabia

With over a decade of innovation and leadership, CE Interim has not just participated in the field of country based interim management, we have pioneered cross-cultural cooperation, especially in the realm of executive roles crucial for transformational and strategic leadership. Originally carving our niche by working predominantly with international companies in Eastern Europe, we've built a robust track record of facilitating cross-cultural cooperation and operational success in diverse corporate environments across the world.

Today marks a significant milestone as we announce our expansion into Dubai, a vibrant megacity for global commerce and an emerging hotspot for cross-cultural business endeavors. This strategic move underscores our commitment to bridging global business practices, leveraging our European footprint, while respecting cultural differences of the Middle East.

By opening our new office in Dubai, we bring our deep-rooted heritage of pioneering executive interim management to the dynamic and evolving markets of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

At CE Interim, we are more than traditional interim management business, we are pioneers of change, dedicated to the success of our clients in every new market we ever entered.

As the founder of CE Interim, I am immensely proud to witness our growth into the Middle East, a region of rich cultural heritage and economic potential. This expansion is not merely a business decision, it is a testament to our core values and the very DNA of CE Interim - Cross-cultural Executive Interim based on leveraging of the cultural awareness, understanding and respect.

Our mission extends beyond filling local interim roles, we aim to empower businesses with leadership capabilities that drive substantial change and foster sustainable growth internationally. As we step into the Middle Eastern markets, we bring with us a profound understanding of managing complex, multilayered business challenges in culturally diverse settings. Our expertise is particularly tailored to companies seeking not only to enter new markets by copy-pasting their local know-how, but to dominate new markets by leveraging our proven strategies of achieving executive excellence by respecting and leveraging cultural and historical differences.

Our move into Dubai and the broader Middle East is driven by a clear vision: to bridge diverse business cultures with unparalleled leadership and expertise. We understand that in a world increasingly defined by globalization, the success of a business is as much about cultural integration as it is about operational and strategic excellence. Our commitment to this principle has powered our successes so far and is the cornerstone upon which we will build our future.

As we embark on this exciting journey, the whole team of CE Interim is confident that our continued focus on cultural intelligence combined with our strategic business acumen will propel our clients and us to new heights of success in the Middle East and beyond. 

The Strategic Importance of
UAE and Saudi Arabia

Desert Dunes

Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are spearheading transformative efforts to enhance their capabilities in manufacturing, engineering, and the medical sectors. As key components of Saudi Arabia's and UAE's Vision 2030, these initiatives aim to diversify economies, reduce oil dependency, and establish these nations as leaders in industrial manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare innovation.

To achieve these ambitious goals, both countries are actively inviting International Senior Managers to share their advanced knowledge and industry expertise. This approach not only fosters a rich exchange of best practices but also accelerates the development of local competencies that are invaluable to the growth aspirations of both countries. We believe, these initial engagements will evolve into long-term collaborations, positioning CE Interim clients and Interim Managers as preferred partners in ongoing development projects within Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

For our clients, the proactive stance presents substantial opportunities in making a confident entry into these markets, backed by interim managers bridging the cultural differences, with a proven track record from both, the Middle East and Europe.

Benefits for the
Middle East Region

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 emphasizes economic diversification, technological advancement, and increased employment of Saudi nationals.


Interim managers help align company projects with these national goals, making the businesses more attractive as partners to the government and local companies, and enhancing their eligibility for various incentives offered by the Saudi government.


International interim managers bring a wealth of global experience and industry best practices that are invaluable in a multicultural and economically diverse landscape. Their knowledge in managing technologically advanced, efficient, and competitive projects will help local companies elevate their operations to international standards.

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Benefits for Clients entering
the Middle East Region

By leveraging the expertise of CE Interim’s Global Talent Pool of interim managers, companies also not only ensure a smoother and more effective market entry into the region, but also position themselves strongly for sustainable growth and success in a key global market.

The Middle Eastern markets can be volatile, with economic and political fluctuations affecting business operations. Our Interim managers offer flexibility, adapting strategies as circumstances change. This adaptability helps mitigate risks associated with entering a new market, ensuring that investments are safeguarded and that businesses remain resilient.

Many Middle Eastern countries, particularly those in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), are focusing on economic diversification and development. European companies can align their business strategies with these goals, such as contributing to local employment and technology transfer, making them more attractive to local governments and business partners.

Insight from Christoph Vavrik,
Advisory Board Member of CE Interim, based in Dubai

Establishing CE Interim's presence in Dubai is a strategic move that aligns perfectly with the region's dynamic growth trajectory. Dubai is not just a business hub, it's a cultural melting pot where East meets West, offering immense opportunities for businesses to innovate and grow.


Our expansion here underscores our commitment to understanding and integrating into diverse cultural landscapes. With CE Interim’s expertise in executive interim management and our deep respect for cross-cultural dynamics, we are uniquely positioned to assist companies in navigating the complexities of the Middle Eastern markets.


I am thrilled to be part of this visionary journey and am confident that our presence in Dubai will serve as a cornerstone for future successes in the region."

Image by Ahmed Aldaie

Our commitment to facilitating successful cross-cultural business operations makes us an ideal partner for your expansion endeavors. Whether you are looking to establish a new presence or expand existing operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or beyond, CE Interim is equipped to guide you through every step of the process.


Join us in this exciting journey to unlock new opportunities and achieve remarkable success in one of the world's most vibrant business landscapes. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business thrive in the Middle East.

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