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Solving your sensitive challenges

Do you have second thoughts or doubts about your current board members but the potential risk of a market leak from your existing recruiter is too big? A management change at the highest C-Levels (CEO, CFO, COO, Plant Manager) while the incumbent manager still holds the position is a delicate process that requires a very specific approach other than typical recruitment. 

With our "crisis management experience" in our DNA, the majority of our missions were confidential, and in most cases, the trigger came from outside of the local organization (parent company abroad, private equity shareholder, foreign investor, etc.) and the local organization was not involved in the executive search process at all. 

Over the recent decade, we have developed solid confidential relationships with more than 50,000 senior managers from Central and Eastern Europe. Very often we are among the first to know about their consideration to pursue a future change in their career. This relationship enables us to identify and approach suitable managers within a very short period, and without going public with advertisements or using the typical recruitment channels.

For specific situations, we use our latest AI tools to identify the best fit for your C-Level position globally. Every manager is then subject to behavioral agility assessments to ensure the best long-term fit for your organization.

The manager you are looking for

> 15 countries

the biggest network in Central and Eastern Europe

> 50,000

senior managers
in our broad network

> 90%

of mandates filled without going public

< 2 weeks

to present a short list of verified candidates

Germany | Austria | Switzerland

Poland | Czech Republic | Slovakia | Slovenia | Bulgaria | Romania | Hungary | Croatia

Serbia | Montenegro | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Macedonia | Estonia | Latvia | Lithuania

Secured Start and Onboarding

The overheated labor market in Central and Eastern Europe offers unique opportunities to C-level executives and industry experts. New investments are arriving regularly, companies are relocating their operations from West to East, from the Far East to Europe, from old factories to new, and the managers very often decide at the last moment which job offer to accept and where to start. "No show" is not an unusual practice, and has ultimately led to our Urgent Vacancies Solution. Newly appointed C-level executives face many challenges and often fail during the first 12 months.

To help you avoid a No Show, and boost Onboarding, we use our tools, methods, and insights from Interim Management, and knowledge of the local markets, to ensure the selected candidate, starts on time, and delivers the expected results.

After the start of the permanent manager, our partners continue to personally care and support the manager and company to overcome the early-day challenges, and as in an interim mission, ensure the agreed goals and expectations are achieved. Typically, our support with onboarding continues for the next 6-12 months after the start and gives both the manager and the client an additional layer of comfort and security without the increased costs of interim managers or consultants.

CE Interim: Cross-cultural Executive Interim Management

We design and implement individual project-based business solutions and together with our industry experts lead companies through transformations to unlock their full potential.

Our Partners stands personally by your side from the project definition, evaluation of the interim manager, through the whole project, until completion, and hand-over, to ensure the agreed objectives are achieved and stay within your organization.

Our Executive Interim Managers have local or international backgrounds, they have studied, lived, and worked in various countries and go through rigorous evaluation processes following a methodology specifically designed for demanding cross-cultural interim missions.

Over the recent decade, we have performed hundreds of successful missions predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

Applicants in the waiting room
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