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International Projects

is like being the superhero of the business world. It's all about handling and overcoming situations that threaten an organization's reputation, operations, or even its existence.


Whether it's a PR nightmare, a natural disaster, or a financial meltdown, crisis management involves strategic planning, quick decision-making, and effective communication to navigate through turbulent times. Think of it as a business's emergency response team, swooping in to save the day and minimize the damage.

What are the benefits?

  • Reputation Resilience: It's like reputation insurance. If a crisis hits, having a solid crisis management plan helps protect and rebuild your brand's image.

  • Operational Continuity: Crisis management keeps the wheels turning. With a plan in place, you're better equipped to ensure that the business keeps running, even when everything else feels like it's falling apart.

  • Faster Recovery: Time is money, right? A well-executed crisis management plan can expedite the recovery process. It's like having a roadmap that guides you out of the chaos and back into smoother waters, minimizing downtime.

  • Brand Evolution: Crisis management isn't just about damage control; it's about evolution. Going through a crisis and emerging stronger allows your brand to evolve, adapt, and showcase a narrative of resilience that can resonate with your audience.

The Challenges

These challenges encapsulate the essence of crisis management, where quick, informed decisions under pressure are key:

  • Speed of Events

  • Information Overload

  • Uncertainty

  • Emotional Toll

  • Resource Constraints

  • Coordination Challenges

  • Stakeholder Communication

  • Legal Implications

  • Reputational Damage

  • Employee Morale

  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Supply Chain Disruptions

  • Financial Constraints

  • Long-term Recovery Planning

  • Competitor Exploitation

  • Post-Crisis Fallout

The Solution

Executive Interim Management is a modern managerial solution, in which an experienced senior executive or a complete team is temporarily engaged by a company to address a specific leadership challenge on a short-term basis. 

An Executive Interim Manager is a highly experienced senior executive typically engaged for a few months to provide leadership, drive change, address a specific issue, or manage complex projects. Key characteristics include experience, seniority, immediate availability, project orientation and operational hands-on approach.

CE Interim: Cross-cultural Executive Interim Management

We design and implement individual project-based business solutions and together with our industry experts lead companies through transformations to unlock their full potential.

Our Partners stands personally by your side from the project definition, evaluation of the interim manager, through the whole project, until completion, and hand-over, to ensure the agreed objectives are achieved and stay within your organization.

Our Executive Interim Managers have local or international backgrounds, they have studied, lived, and worked in various countries and go through rigorous evaluation processes following a methodology specifically designed for demanding cross-cultural interim missions.

Over the recent decade, we have performed hundreds of successful missions predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

The manager you are looking for

> 15 countries

the biggest network in Central and Eastern Europe

> 10,000

in our International Pool

< 48 hours

to present an

Interim Manager

< 8 days

average time
from Interview to Start

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