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Türkiye’ye hoşgeldiniz
Welcome to Turkey

With over a decade of rich experience in pioneering interim management in Eastern Europe, we are now setting our sights on the promising and dynamic markets of Turkey. Our journey began more than ten years ago, driven by a vision to introduce a new level of interim management that not only adapts to diverse business climates but thrives within them. Today, we stand as proven leaders, having shaped the growth trajectories of multiple industries across this vibrant region.

As Turkey emerges as a key player on the global stage, its need for agile and informed leadership has never been greater. The country's economic landscape is ripe with opportunities, from expanding its manufacturing prowess to innovating in high-tech industries. These opportunities, however, come with their own set of challenges, such as navigating complex regulatory environments and understanding an intricate cultural tapestry that influences business operations at every level.

CE Interim is uniquely positioned to bridge these gaps. Our approach is deeply rooted in a philosophy of cultural respect and business acumen, ensuring that every strategic move is informed by both local sensitivities and global best practices. Our network of interim managers includes some of the most skilled professionals from around the world, each bringing their specific expertise to manage, guide, and transform your business endeavors in Turkey.

At CE Interim, we are more than traditional interim management business, we are pioneers of change, dedicated to the success of our clients in every new market we ever entered.


As the founder of CE Interim, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative impact of effective interim management across varied cultural and economic landscapes. Our expansion into Turkey represents not just a strategic growth opportunity but a continuation of our mission to bridge global business practices with local expertise. This move is deeply aligned with the very DNA of our organization—cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and respect are at the heart of everything we do.

Turkey offers a unique confluence of East and West, a vibrant marketplace where diverse cultures and traditions blend with dynamic economic activities. At CE Interim, we are committed to navigating these complexities with the highest level of competency and ethical standards. Our approach goes beyond mere adaptation; we aim to integrate and align with local cultures in ways that foster mutual respect and collective success.

As we embark on this new chapter in Turkey, our commitment to fostering sustainable growth and building long-term partnerships remains unwavering. We understand the critical importance of trust and reliability in business, especially when entering new markets. Therefore, we ensure that our team not only delivers on expectations but also anticipates future trends and prepares your business to meet them head-on.


With CE Interim, you gain more than a service provider; you gain a partner who is as invested in your success as you are.

Insight from Kenan Kolday,

CE Interim Partner in Turkey

As we launch our operations in Turkey, we are incredibly excited about the potential for growth and the value we can deliver to businesses in the region.

Our entry into the Turkish market is not merely an expansion but a commitment to fostering deep and meaningful collaborations with local and international companies. With Turkey's strategic position as a bridge between Europe and Asia, its dynamic economy, and its vibrant industrial sector, the opportunities for impactful interim management are vast.

Our goal is to introduce advanced interim management practices that are not just effective but are seamlessly integrated with the unique cultural and economic dynamics of Turkey. By doing so, we aim to enhance the operational agility and strategic acumen of Turkish businesses, preparing them to compete on both a regional and global scale.

This is a thrilling time for CE Interim, and we are dedicated to building strong, sustainable partnerships that drive mutual success.


Interim Management in Turkey

Grassy Mountains

Interim management in Turkey, as in many (CE Interim's) emerging markets, is still developing, albeit with increasing recognition of its strategic value. Traditionally, Turkish businesses have relied on long-term leadership solutions and internal promotions to fill managerial roles. However, as the market becomes more integrated with global economic systems, the need for agility and specialized expertise becomes more apparent. This has opened doors for the adoption of interim management practices, which offer flexibility and strategic adaptability that traditional leadership structures often lack.

Currently, the interim management sector in Turkey is characterized by a growing awareness among businesses about the benefits of such arrangements, especially in times of transition, crisis, or significant change. Industries such as manufacturing, technology, and healthcare, which are experiencing rapid growth and transformation, are particularly poised to benefit from interim expertise. 

With all the recent changes in the geopolitical area and the rapidly increasing cost structure in Eastern Europe, Turkey is becoming more and more lucrative as the go-to destination for relocation of manufacturing operations, and consolidation of the manufacturing footprint. The closeness to the Middle-East operations is another major benefit of having a strong local presence. 

CE Interim is strategically positioned to enhance the scope and effectiveness of the interim management landscape in Turkey. With a proven track record in Eastern Europe, once an immature interim market, CE Interim brings a wealth of experience in managing cross-cultural business environments, which is crucial for successfully navigating the Turkish marketplace.

By supplying highly skilled interim managers who are adept at managing within culturally diverse settings, CE Interim can help international and Turkish businesses not only to bridge their current leadership gaps but also to inject new perspectives and innovations into their strategic planning processes with top local or international executive interim managers.

The benefits of adopting interim management for businesses in Turkey are significant. Interim managers can provide immediate expertise without the long-term commitment and overhead associated with permanent hires. This is particularly advantageous in project-based industries or during periods of significant transformation where specialized knowledge is required temporarily. Additionally, interim managers bring an objective viewpoint and a focus on delivering results, unencumbered by company politics or culture, which often accelerates project timelines and increases efficiency.


Moreover, for Turkish companies looking to expand internationally, or for international firms aiming to establish a presence in Turkey, interim managers equipped with international experience and local market knowledge can be invaluable. They serve as navigators who understand the complexities of global business while ensuring compliance and alignment with local business practices and regulations.


As the Turkish market continues to evolve and integrate into the global economy, the strategic deployment of interim management can provide businesses with the flexibility, expertise, and innovation needed to thrive. CE Interim’s expansion into Turkey represents a timely opportunity to catalyze this transformation, offering tailored interim management solutions that align with the unique needs and challenges of Turkish businesses. By introducing seasoned international leaders who respect and understand local cultures and business practices, CE Interim is set to play a pivotal role in elevating the interim management landscape in Turkey.

The benefits for businesses operating in Turkey

The entry of CE Interim into the Turkish market represents a significant opportunity for both local businesses and international companies considering expansion into the region. CE Interim’s expertise in cross-cultural, interim management provides a strategic advantage in a marketplace that is both culturally complex and economically diverse.


For local Turkish companies, CE Interim offers a gateway to elevate their operational and strategic capabilities. The presence of experienced international interim managers who specialize in executing tailored transitions and managing change can be transformative. These managers bring global best practices and innovative management techniques that can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency. Local businesses can benefit from the introduction of advanced processes and strategies that have been proven successful in similar markets around the world. This transfer of knowledge is not just limited to operational aspects but also includes strategic planning and leadership development, which are crucial for sustainable growth outside of Turkey.


Moreover, for businesses contemplating entering the Turkish market, the challenges can be daunting, ranging from navigating local regulatory and legal frameworks to understanding the cultural nuances that influence business operations. Here, CE Interim acts as an invaluable partner.


By providing interim leaders who possess a deep understanding of both the source and target market cultures, CE Interim can help these businesses mitigate risks associated with market entry.

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Sunrise in Bosphorus

CE Interim’s role in Turkey can help foster a climate of innovation and competitiveness. By bringing in leaders who are experienced in industries such as manufacturing, technology, and healthcare, CE Interim can introduce new perspectives and skills that catalyze innovation within Turkish companies. This is particularly important in an economy where differentiating through innovation is becoming increasingly necessary for international competitiveness.


The benefits of CE Interim’s entry into Turkey extend well beyond the immediate operational improvements they bring to individual businesses. Their presence can contribute to elevating the overall business culture, enhancing competitiveness, and building capacities that propel sustained economic growth and development across the region.

Historic Coastal District

As your strategic partner in Turkey, CE Interim brings a wealth of global expertise combined with a deep understanding of the local market dynamics to ensure your business thrives in this pivotal region. Leveraging over a decade of success in cross-cultural interim management across Eastern Europe, we are well-positioned to help your company navigate the complexities of entering and succeeding in the Turkish market.

Reach out today to discuss how we can support your ambitions in Turkey, and together, let's set new benchmarks for excellence in your industry!

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