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Successful Interim Assignment Checklist

At CE Interim we provide senior executive interim managers for challenging cross-cultural international interim missions. With expertise spanning across various countries and complex transformations, we understand the importance of defining success in every interim mission we undertake. Our approach is centered on achieving tangible outcomes that drive sustainable growth and organizational excellence.

Within CE Interim Group we define success in two dimensions:

  • A returning client signifies we are a trusted advisor for our clients in various business situations

  • A returning interim manager embodies continuous enhancement of competencies and recognition of our interim manager as a trusted industry expert by the clients.

Achievement of

The primary indicator is the successful accomplishment of predefined objectives and goals set at the beginning of the interim assignment.

Adherence to the

Time schedule

Was our initial estimation of the mission's duration accurate? Did we sustain the required momentum and execute the mission efficiently?


Ensuring a smooth handover of responsibilities to the permanent management or existing team, thereby guaranteeing a positive legacy upon our departure.


Conducting a comprehensive review and evaluation session to reflect on the interim period, identify lessons learned, and plan for the future improvements.


Collect comprehensive feedback from the interim manager, client, and other stakeholders to thoroughly evaluate the overall effectiveness of the interim assignment.

Sustainability of


We emphasize strategies that foster long-term sustainability and resilience within organizations. Did the mission establish enduring practices that extend beyond the interim mission?

Christoph Vavrik

Member of the Austrian Parliament

CEO of Danone, MD of Carlsberg Group

Advisory Board Member CE Interim responsible

for the Middle-East Operations

Defining success in a cross-cultural international interim mission encompasses various critical elements. Firstly, success hinges on the interim manager's adeptness in navigating diverse cultural landscapes, fostering understanding, and effectively communicating across cultural boundaries. Secondly, achieving predefined objectives within the stipulated timeframe and budget constraints is imperative. This involves addressing operational challenges, driving organizational change, and executing strategic initiatives with precision. Moreover, success is gauged by the satisfaction of stakeholders, including clients, employees, and external partners, through the establishment of trust, positive relationships, and alignment of expectations. A successful mission entails facilitating knowledge transfer to local teams, empowering them to sustain progress post-departure. Furthermore, fostering cultural integration and collaboration across diverse teams is vital, leveraging cultural diversity as a strength to achieve common goals. The success of an interim mission is measured by the mission's tangible impact on business performance, including improvements in revenue, profitability, operational efficiency, employee morale, and customer satisfaction. Ensuring long-term sustainability and leaving behind a positive legacy that endures beyond the interim manager's tenure are also integral components of success in cross-cultural international interim missions.

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Bohuslav Lipovsky

Managing Partner Global Operations

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