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Post Merger Integration

refers to the process of combining and aligning the operations, systems, and cultures of two companies that have recently merged or been acquired. It's a critical phase in the overall merger and acquisition (M&A) process.


The goal of post-merger integration is to maximize the synergies between the two entities, streamline operations, and ensure a smooth transition to a unified and cohesive organization.

What are the benefits?

  • Synergies: Combining the strengths of both companies can lead to synergies, where the merged entity is more valuable than the sum of its parts.

  • Talent Pool: Merging companies can benefit from a larger and more diverse talent pool, bringing in skilled professionals from both sides.

  • Improved Customer Base: A larger customer base can result from the merger, offering more opportunities for growth and revenue generation.

  • Financial Strength: Merging can enhance financial stability, access to capital, and the overall financial strength of the combined entity.

The Challenges

While an acquisition or a merger brings undisputably a lot of benefits, it's not without its challenges. Here are some hurdles integrations often face:

  • Communication Issues

  • Technology Integration

  • Operational Disruptions

  • Resistance to Change

  • Leadership Alignment

  • Supplier and Vendor Integration

  • Strategic Misalignment

  • Post-Merger Governance

  • Cultural Differences

  • Decision-making Delays

  • Facilities Integration

  • Timeline Pressures

  • Customer Concerns

  • Legal and Contractual Challenges

  • Stakeholder Communication

  • Talent Redundancies

The Solution

Executive Interim Management is a modern managerial solution, in which an experienced senior executive or a complete team is temporarily engaged by a company to address a specific leadership challenge on a short-term basis. 

An Executive Interim Manager is a highly experienced senior executive typically engaged for a few months to provide leadership, drive change, address a specific issue, or manage complex projects. Key characteristics include experience, seniority, immediate availability, project orientation and operational hands-on approach.

The manager you are looking for

> 15 countries

the biggest network in Central and Eastern Europe

> 10,000

in our International Pool

< 48 hours

to present an

Interim Manager

< 8 days

average time
from Interview to Start

CE Interim: Cross-cultural Executive Interim Management

We design and implement individual project-based business solutions and together with our industry experts lead companies through transformations to unlock their full potential.

Our Partners stands personally by your side from the project definition, evaluation of the interim manager, through the whole project, until completion, and hand-over, to ensure the agreed objectives are achieved and stay within your organization.

Our Executive Interim Managers have local or international backgrounds, they have studied, lived, and worked in various countries and go through rigorous evaluation processes following a methodology specifically designed for demanding cross-cultural interim missions.

Over the recent decade, we have performed hundreds of successful missions predominantly in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Asia, the Middle East, and the USA.

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