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Whether you are facing a crisis or production relocation, need an expat manager with local know-how to enter a new market, optimize your manufacturing process, or just need to fill an urgent managerial vacancy, we are here to stand by your side and provide you with an immediately available Interim Manager, Permanent Executive or Industry Expert from our Global Talent Pool matching exactly your needs in less than 3 days.


Our Managing Partners accompany you from the project definition, and evaluation of the manager, throughout the whole project, to ensure the agreed objectives are achieved on time, and stay within your organization.

More than 10 years of experience in Central and Eastern Europe at the touch of your fingerprint

> 20,000

managers in our
Global Talent Pool

> 1,500

expats with local and international experience

> 70%

of our assignments are

< 72 hours

from project definition to assignment start

Our Geographical Focus

Our Executive Interim Managers have local or international roots and education. They have studied, lived, and gained experience in various countries, many of them are Expats or Pan-European citizens.


They bring the best managerial solutions to connect different cultures with a strong understanding and respect for diversity. They deliver their best in success & time-critical missions and are ready to be deployed wherever the mission takes place at very short notice.

The CE Interim Partners supporting you throughout each phase of the mission have lived and worked in more than 10 countries, are fluent in several languages, and guarantee the success of the mission, wherever it takes place.

Examples of our projects

Interim Chief Operating Officer
Relocation of Operations
Automotive sector
Germany, Poland
6 - 9 months

To achieve economies of scale on an international scale in the current manufacturing footprint:

  • relocate the manufacturing activities from the Netherlands to Poland.

  • ensure a smooth transition of manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics

  • lead, motivate, and grow the current team of 500 FTE

  • coordinate all stakeholders in the Netherlands and Poland

  • communicate regularly with the customers

Interim Supply Chain Manager
Operational Excellence
Furniture sector
Netherlands, Serbia
6 - 9 months

Following a move to a new manufacturing site in Serbia with approx. 400 employees, the company identified a substantial potential by switching to regional suppliers from the Balkan region. 

  • improve the SOP planning

  • review and clean master data in the supply chain area

  • identify and contract alternative local & and regional suppliers

  • plan and perform a smooth transition to local supplier without disruption of supply chain processes and customer satisfaction

Advisory Board Member
Market Growth, Scale-up
Warehouse Management
24 months

One year after the acquisition of a family-owned company in Poland, the Private Equity fund has embarked on an accelerated growth path with the company. To support the current local board of directors, an independent Advisory board member has been appointed to coach and lead the CEO and Business Development Director during the international expansion. 

The Advisory Board member is a former CEO of a multinational group from within the industry, who has enjoyed 2-3 days per month of interaction with the local management, the new markets, and the Private Equity owners. As a result, both synergies and opportunities were leveraged in a structured manner.

Interim CFO
Post Acquisition Integration
Consumer Goods 
UK, Czech Republic
12 months

Following an acquisition of a local family-owned company by a private equity fund from the United Kingdom

  • take over the full responsibility for the finance, controlling, treasury, and accounting area

  • introduce transparency, governance, and group-wide reporting standards

  • implement a rolling 13-week forecast focused on working capital

  • support the cultural change from a family-owned to PE PE-owned

Chief Executive Officer
Confidential Executive Search
FMCG and Retail
Czech Republic and Slovakia
Permanent board position

Due to limited transparency, and poor financial results, the parent company in France decided to hire a new CEO for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, while the current CEO was still in place. 

A typical public executive search by their executive search company is in such situations not an option due to the risk of a market leak. 

Using our existing international pool of managers personally known to us, and the confidential network of our advisory board members, , we are able to on-board a suitable permanent candidate within 6 weeks.

Advisory Board Member
Operational Excellence
Furniture Sector
Sweden, Hungary, 
36 months

An international group with HQ in Sweden decided to optimize its manufacturing footprint across its European production sites aimed to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and improve quality. 


The consolidation process faced several challenges due to cross-cultural communication differences and operational inefficiencies. To overcome these challenges, an advisory board with 2 members from Supply Chain and Operations was formed. 

As a result, a data-driven and analytic-based approach to redesign the optimal manufacturing footprint based on current and future demand, supply, and cost scenarios was designed and implemented together with the local management. 

Interim Regional HR Director
Crisis Management
Food and food processing sector
Italy, Romania
6 months

Following the departure of key managers in Romania due to the increase in the size of the plant operations:

  • stabilize the existing site by strengthening the trust, and engagement of the employees

  • identify, interview, hire, and on-board key board members, and mid-level managers for the local plant

  • Introduce long-term succession planning and digitalize the employee feedback practices

  • Hire and train a permanent HR Manager

Plant Manager (permanent)
Time Critical Vacancy
Electrical components

Permanent Position

The company invested in an executive search process with an external company, that took 6 months. An additional 3 months were consumed by the termination period of the candidate who accepted the offer. The change of leadership was communicated to the plant, and the existing plant manager was released from his duties.

Given the tense situation in the labor market in Poland, the selected candidate accepted an offer from another company shortly before the starting date and did not join the company as planned. The time-critical permanent vacancy needed to be filled within days, rather than within weeks. 

Advisory Board Member
Post Acquisition Integration
Fiber optics
UK, Bulgaria

24 months

A UK-based company producing fiber-based materials acquired a Bulgarian company operating in the same industry. The acquisition aimed to expand market share, product portfolio, and manufacturing capabilities. However, the integration faced several challenges due to cultural differences and regulatory compliance issues.

A former CEO of a leading player in the fiber optics industry has led several integration projects in different countries and offered his expertise in various aspects of the post-acquisition process.

He acted as a mentor and coach to the management team and helped them develop their leadership skills and confidence. 

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